AI Advice Program

Are you excited about AI, but unsure how and where to apply it to your business? Join our AI Advice Program:

1. Opportunity to learn from deep technical and entrepreneurial data scientists.

2. Learn common pitfalls of how companies tend to adopt AI-based solutions. Such as: hiring data scientists for a minor use case (much smarter to contract out), starting development with unsuitable data (costly!), not architecting for seamless model updates (unnecessarily limits your potential value), and more.

3. Goal: greatly increase your chance to end with the holy grail of data science: a live machine learning model which yields high value to your business.

The program:

1. Twice monthly meetings to discuss your current questions and intentions about modern machine learning. Use-case discussions, to determine where an ML solution would yield the most value for your company.

2. Common pitfalls and data preparation discussions, once we’ve identified a valuable potential application of ML for your company.

3. Networking with companies in other industries to gain wider perspectives for how to think about business-integrated ML solutions.

Let’s connect and see how modern machine learning can transform your company.

Physics-Informed Machine Learning