Physics-Informed Machine Learning

We develop advanced, science-informed AI solutions for aerospace, defense, and numerous other deep technology challenges.

What happens when modern machine learning meets
scientific knowledge? Answer: extraordinary possibility.

Our Capabilities

Artificial Intelligence

  • Physics-Informed ML
  • ML for Technological Synergy
  • ML DevOps

Tech Transfer

  • Commercialization of federally-funded R&D
  • Spinning out new technology companies
  • Regional economic development through R&D

Software Engineering

  • Full stack development
  • DevOps
  • Human-Centered UX/UI
Edge Computing

Edge Computing

  • Power-efficient ML
  • On-Device preprocessing
  • Secure Enclave integration

AI Security Hardening

  • Code fortification
  • Modern data input validation
  • Secure ML deployment environment

Complex Systems Engineering

  • Emergent behavior modeling
  • Nonlinear dynamics prediction
  • Adaptable architecture design


thermal stress diagram

Intelligent Thermal Systems
Superior efficiency and control, by deep training on the underlying thermal physics.

Air & Missile Defense
Modern target classification and interception analytics at the speed of machine intelligence.

behavior science illustration

AI Team Science
Advanced team composition and behavior understanding.

Complex System Illustration

Predictive Maintenance in Complex Systems
The more complex the technology stack, the more critical the need to avoid complex failure modes.

Sensor Network Illustration

Advanced Sensors

Physical Knowledge + AI + Modern Sensors = Deeper Insights.

Signal Processing

Electromagnetic Warfare
AI threat library evolution, advanced signal recognition, dynamic spectrum management.

Our Mission: To drive technological impact

Inspired by the Ancient Greeks and Renaissance minds such as Niccolo Machiavelli, Infyrno embraces the Binocular View: one eye on the modern world, one eye on the ancient world.

The Modern Lens provides simplicity, practicality, immediacy.

The Ancient Lens provides nuance, perspective, depth, and diversity of thought. Both lenses viewed simultaneously constitute our core philosophy.

Hence: to drive technological impact (Modern Lens), in order to promote human flourishing – Eudaimonia (Ancient Lens).

Physics-Informed Machine Learning