From data to deployed ML solution

We build ML solutions for companies and organizations, with careful attention to bias management.

Machine Learning Solutions

End-to-end model development, especially for deep tech clients. We work with you to define suitable project scope to fit your requirements.

Bias Management. Unmanaged bias in AI both reduces real-world value and misses out on unique value provided by neglected components. We assess and manage the many types of biases in machine learning models to make sure your solution represents reality.

A high-value data science project requires diverse input from multiple disciplines, to avoid piecework, improve data context, data understanding, reduce and manage technology debt. Our team can work with relevant experts in your organization to quickly ramp up on domain-specific knowledge relevant to model development, combined with suitable UI/UX on the front-end to ensure the generated insights make an actual impact.

Data Science Ally. We can support you through the machine learning life cycle after model development, deployment and integration. We handle emerging model maintainability issues: data drift, hardware drift, environmental drift, human drift, and more.

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Data Science Consulting

All data are not created equal. Most data science projects fail to make it to actual integration into business operations. Far too often, the reason is lack of data preparation and insufficient front-end effort to ensure data suitability.

Our team has advised and guided early-stage data collection and data preparation efforts, including in situations where data first had to be generated by complex, multidisciplinary pathfinder projects with many non-tech stakeholders. Let's talk about how we can allow your organization to solve data science challenges before they arise and unlock the power of impactful, business-integrated AI.

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Research & Analysis

Rather than static research reports, we can deliver a whole network of relationships and actionable recommendations along with the insights generated. Every research project is a golden opportunity to initiate and nurture new relationships in the target segment, build trust, and advance your mission.

Market research. Using a journalistic-entrepreneurial approach, our team delivers actionable market research in emerging segments to identify trends which would never surface in traditional quantitative, non-investigative work. We use our cross-functional expertise in entrepreneurship, innovation, investigative journalism and many areas of technology to ramp up knowledge on your target segement, identify key building blocks and dynamics, and discern competitive advantage.

Innovation ecosystems development and consulting. Our team has conducted research and hands-on regional economic development work in dozens of locations, both in the US and beyond. Critical to innovation ecosystems is an understanding of complexity science, specifically of complex adaptive systems. By applying insights from emerging complexity science, backed by an entrepreneurial approach, the Infyrno team can kickstart your innovation ecosystem.

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